Seeing the advancement in public address system (PA system), We have map out the following Agendas for the purpose of Enhancement and to effect this advance develaopments to the Public Address System, Electrical & Technical Unit in all W.C.C.R.M. Fellowship centers Nation wide.

Mixers (Analogue & Digital)

The mixing console or "mixer" is a central component of most sound systems.


A microphone is a device that changes information from one form to another. Learn all you need to know about all types.


An amplifier is an electronic device that is able to make incoming audio signal louder. Get latest training about Amp.


Learn more about speaker choices, speaker technology and what enables audio system sounds the best.

Cables & Connectors

An audio system has so many cables and connectors, Get trained on various types of audio cables and connectors.

Generators & Power

Important training on the different types of power supplies and generator sets and their operating principles.

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ByEziukwu David Ifeanyi Feb 1, 2018


TO ALL DIOCESE There will be a one week intensive training for all media workers -Video Crew, ICT group, LED screen handlers, PA system worker

ByEziukwu David Ifeanyi Sep 1, 2017

Direct Injection Box

DI Boxes The DI (Direct Injection) Box is a device typically used in recording studios to connect a high- imp

ByEziukwu David Ifeanyi Aug 1, 2017

Considerations in choosing an Amplifier

Considerations in choosing an amp When choosing an amplifier for a loudspeaker system, there are a number of factors to consider. I

ByEziukwu David Ifeanyi Jul 1, 2017

Amplifier Power Rating

Amplifier Power Rating The power rating of an amplifier will state the power that the unit will deliver into a specified load - at a

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